About Me

Chancz Perry is an award-winning, multi-faceted producer, choreographer, triple-threat performer, and teacher. He has spent more than 30 years in the entertainment industry – on stage, screen and behind the scenes. Chancz is certified in Early Childhood Education from Saskatchewan Polytech, has a BFA in Dance and a BA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and is pursuing graduate studies regarding art therapy at the University of Regina. He has served as an artist in residence in Regina Public Schools and as a sessional instructor at the University of Regina, as well as in several roles at the Globe Theatre, where he made a difference in the lives of people in marginalized communities, local artists and production teams, and children of all ages.

Chancz’s purpose is to bring communities together through art, entertainment, culture, and ways of knowing. In his performances, Chancz offers inspiration, distraction and/or education, using approaches that are traditional, progressive, critical, or a mix. “I hope people take away an extraordinary artistic ability that inspires them to pursue their creative endeavours and natural impulses. I want them to realize that they can have success in pursuing their dreams.”

As a teacher, Chancz sees his role as more suited to dismantling the colonial powers that are systemically, structurally, and culturally oppressing students of varying races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. “My aim is to foster and promote a safe space and healthy environment for all students to share, learn, explore, experience, and flourish in school as well as in the world we live.”

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